Comsol signs agreement with Ericsson for 5G solutions in South African mining sector

Digitizing and streamlining work processes is crucial for the mining sector in South Africa, given its significant contribution to the country’s economy.

Ericsson, a Swedish telecom company, announced an agreement with Comsol, a global simulation software specialist, to supply the “Ericsson Private 5G” solution to South Africa’s mining sector. The goal is to provide new solutions to digitize and streamline working methods in the industry.

The partnership between Ericsson and Comsol will utilize Ericsson’s advanced connectivity solution and Comsol’s proficiency in mining and system integration to provide the mining industry with standalone 4G/LTE and resilient 5G solutions. This collaboration will allow Comsol clients to enhance and streamline their business operations by generating, gathering, and analyzing data.

Todd Ashton, the Vice President and Head of South and East Africa at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, expressed his satisfaction with the new partnership and said:

“We are pleased to provide Comsol with our pre-packaged and pre-integrated private network solution, Ericsson Private 5G. Our reliable, fast, and secure connectivity will offer Comsol’s customers a platform to implement innovative smart solutions that enhance their operational efficiency and security.”

The agreement between Ericsson and Comsol grants Comsol the right to resell Ericsson’s high-speed wireless network solution, Ericsson Private 5G. This will allow Comsol to expand its business in the local mining sector, which is one of the primary investment areas in South Africa.

South Africa is the largest producer of chromium and platinum in the world, making the mining sector a crucial part of the country’s economy. According to the latest mining production data from Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), there was an 11.2% increase in total production in 2021 compared to 2020.

Comsol plans to use the Ericsson Private 5G solution to explore and test various use cases for the mining sector and other industries, such as augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, and fixed wireless access.