South African armored car Paramount Marauder came out in the second generation

Paramount Group from South Africa has announced the second generation of the Marauder army armored car. It will receive the prefix Mark 2 to the name, it will become more convenient in production and operation, as well as more secure.

As far as one can judge from official photos and videos, the car has not changed much externally. Its clearance is 420 millimeters, the cruising range on one gas station reaches 700 kilometers. The curb weight of the Marauder is almost 10 tons, it can carry another 6 tons.

The manufacturer has optimized the assembly process. Now cars with left and right steering wheel are produced on the same line. On an already finished car, if required, the steering wheel can be moved from left to right and back in just two hours.

Paramount Marauder received improved mine and ballistic protection. The monocoque protects the crew not only from shots, but also from the operation of explosive devices under the bottom.

The model was first introduced in 2007 and went into production in 2008. About 300 cars have been built to date. Marauder is equipped with a 240-horsepower MAN diesel or 300-horsepower Cummins. The cabin can accommodate up to 10 people, including the driver. The maximum speed is between 100 and 120 km/h depending on the version.